Saturday, June 30, 2012

Responding to Artists

Here i mixed sketches and photography to make a responce to to both Dan Flavin and Alex Sturrock. This page, i have to say, is actually really inspired by Dragonology books with lots of foldy-out bits and secret wallets.

 Here is a sneaky litle wallet keeping some loose photos safe. I made the wallet itself out of  a page of sketches so it serves as both art and something functional (Bau Haus style!) Also inspired by Immy Reeves- truely the best blog ever for help with GCSE Art--- forget Bitesize and give herself a go!

It's important to show progression through out your book and I thought these sketches show how my ideas and plans were changing. They show experimentation of form and show that your'e exploring anatomy so try and get some studies into your book, maybe acompanied by an Art History of Da Vinci/Rembrandt or other renaissance painters.

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