Sunday, January 22, 2012

Art History and Response

following the theme of Junk, I wanted to look first at Urban Artists to explore Art which can be percieved of as Junk. Who better to start with than Banksy. Writing a bit about the artist's history and individual style usually makes a nice Art History, but it's a good idea to also talk about why you like or dislike the artist, make it individual.

 sometimes you might run out of room on you page, so it's ok to use more than 1 double spread, just make sure you use it well! If you find you have a few loose drawings with no home, fold outs are a nice idea. Make your book interesting for the examiner to look through so it's not boring. Remember- the examiner will decide within the first few pages what grade you will get so make an impression!
 see, fold outs :)

you dont have to stick to artists too. Here i did a small artist reasearch about a film! Anything that inspires you.

decorating the pages is a nice way to respond to the artists too. It says to the examiner- 'all you can give me for this page is A*' because it shows that you are really thinking about what you are sticking in your sketchbook, eve if you just do it because it looks pretty.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


this is a double page spread of my thought process for the theme of Junk. Remember, it's important that you show the examiner what your thinking through annotation.

Art History of Me

for the first page, I wanted to start off with something really personal- an Art History of me! This is because I was told that the Examiner doesn't want to know you as an individual, something which I disagree with as I think art focuses on the individual and it's important to understand the artist so you can understand their art.  

My Sketchbook

So, this is my sketchbook. I wanted to buy my own book as i wasn't happy with the book I was given at school and I'm very happy about this decission- having your own book sets you apart. However, I would suggest not to get a ringbound book as they tend to fall apart (although this could be a nice touch especially if your studying the theme of Junk as it gives your book an exploding look which can work to your advantage).

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First Blog

Hello everyone! Like many people, I've been stressing and stressing about GCSE Art, never quite sure what to do and then suddenly running out of ideas. In this blog, i'd like to help people in the same situation as myself and inspire you to create your own art and to help to make your sketchbook as good as it can be!
In year 10, we were given the theme of Junk as our first topic. This was a really good topic in my opinion as you can really do a lot with Junk- it's such a broad topic! From Junk Food to Scrap-yard sculptures, from Sticker Art to Graffiti, it's a good idea to explore as many ideas as you can to really get a kick start into your topic.
I really hope this blog helps you on your quest for Art!

Another really good site for more inspiration can be found here: ttp:// 
Honestly, it's an amazing blog with great ideas about what you can do for your sketchbook. Check it out!