Saturday, June 30, 2012

I found out about this Artist from the above blogger^^ really helpful and amazing blog if anyone wants to look!
This page was me experimenting with grounds or the "background" of my art.
This is a monoprint i made in response to the art. A monoprint is when you basically cover the back of a piece of paper with printing ink, place it ink side down onto another piece of paper and then draw onto the clean side of the inked paper. The printing ink will print onto the bottom piece of paper and this process can make some cool effects when you use different colours and maybe swirl the ink around with a brush before putting it down onto the bottom paper. Experiment!  
Also, i recomend to anyone buying a white pen. they are really useful if you want to paint up your sketchbook because it will write over the dark colours.
 This was a film I saw which really got me thinking. It's about cave art and how it meant so much to people then and now we don't really know what it even is. The film was called "Cave of Forgotten Dreams" and i'd recomend watching it to anyone!
To make the background of this, I paper machéd the pages then water coloured it brown to make it look rough and natural. Yes, that is real bark stuck down in the corner.
 Much simpler page about George Catlin. An awesome painter and historian. Always make links between your artists and as well as talking about them, talk about why you like them and how they relate to eachother, your ideas and the overall topic.
 Again with the white pen... Black and white photography looks great on black and white paper, but always make it look exciting! every page is a new page so try and make each page different- make your book memorable. 

Some experimentation with collage and different mediums you can use to draw the human face and facial features. I had no room to write things about these pictures, so i used some WH Smith's travel tags to write on which makes the page a bit more funky.

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